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Extension Activities

Check back for more questions and puzzles! If you're a teacher looking for a curriculum guide, please contact Rebecca.

Question of the week:

1)    Each chapter title and illustration refers to an art term that relates to both the plot of the chapter and a project for Emma’s art journal. For example, chapter two is entitled intensity, and the chapter heading illustration is a drawing of a butterfly. On page twenty-four Emma discovers that the term intensity has two meanings. In the art world, intensity means how bright or dull the color is. She uses the bright orange and gold monarch painting that she made for the protest poster as an example of the art term intensity for her journal. Emma also discovers that intensity means a strong feeling or sense of purpose. She relates that meaning to the way she feels about saving the butterfly garden. “Sophie and I have never felt this intense about something in our lives," she says. 


Find your two favorite chapters and explain how the double meaning of the title relates to the plot of the chapter and either the art project Emma is working on in that chapter or the chapter heading illustration.

Puzzle of the week:
There are fourteen  important nouns from the book  hidden below. Can you find them all?
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